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Bad beats!!!!!

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  • Bad beats!!!!!

    Rays/Yankees under 8.5 last night

    2-1 score after 6
    1 in 7th
    2 in 8th

    Yankees bring in Chapman to close out 4-2 win

    he gives up a 3 run homer to d'Arnaud

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    Brewers -1.5 RL big

    they lead 5-0 after 7

    5-2 after 8

    in comes Hader

    strikes out Freeman to apparently end the game but ball gets away from Pina, who then throws it away

    next batter singles

    there goes the RL


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      snatched a good line at DK for the HOF game

      ATL +3 -110

      looked like a winner all the way and then a sick beat as usual at the end, after a horribly blown call by the refs and a ridiculous catch of a deflected ball on 4th and 14 or whatever


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        just took a sick beat on northwestern +7

        stanford was almost able to run the clock out for a 10-7 win but was one play short

        so they punted

        Northwestern gets it on their own 20 or so with 30 seconds left

        first play, QB runs backwards and fumbles it into his own end zone for a Stanford TD

        and a Northwestern OL fell on it first (for a safety, 12-7 final), and then gave it to the D


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          add Oregon +4

          good luck explaining how they need 21-3 and don't cover that

          screwed by Auburn


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            Orioles +1.5

            they lose 4-2 because Bundy is a worthless quitter



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              I have Texas Tech to win the game, pre-game bet

              at halftime I got a good line on Arizona +2.5 third quarter so I bet that

              Texas Tech scores a TD with 4 minutes left in the third

              Arizona ends the quaater with the ball on the TT1 and then waits until the 4th to score a TD to ruin both bets.///


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                disgusting and horrific



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