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Where are you currently playing online poker?

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  • Where are you currently playing online poker?

    Share with the community where you are currently playing online poker and give some feedback.

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    There are a lot of places to play online poker right now, and with so many more people playing due to Covid-19 the games are great! The main sites i'm playing on are Global Poker and Bovada/Ignition (same site, just different skins). I'm going to give a brief overview of most places to play and their benefits and drawbacks below. I'll start with those that USA residents can play on, but also include those for the people outside the USA.

    Global Poker (USA only):

    How safe is it? Global Poker is a site operating in the USA using what is essentially a loophole in the online laws around poker; when you add money to the site they treat it as you purchasing gold coins (GC) which have no actual value, but for the amount you pay for you also get a bonus of that amount of money in SweepsCash (SC). Therefore they are technically not breaking the laws around operating an online poker room in the USA.

    Is the software good? I have played a lot on Global these past few months and while it's certainly not perfect the software is definitely not bad. One thing to note is you play in your web browser and not on a downloadable client, unlike most sites. I would recommend going into settings and changing from the new felt to the old felt, as that looks much better. You can turn on auto-top up which is nice. One slightly annoying aspect is you will have to type in your bet sizings most times as the bet slider only goes in multiples of the big blind when you click/drag it (ie. 1/2 game 2-->4-->6) but that's a minor inconvenience. One nice thing is that HUDs are not allowed so people are on equal playing field there.

    Are the games good? I have to remind everyone that online poker is going to be much more difficult than live poker, but as far as soft online games go I think Global has the best games currently. Sure there are good regulars just like every site, but also plenty of casual players, especially at the lower stakes (1/2 and below). I would recommend playing below 1/2 (200nl) until you get a feel for online games if you haven't played in awhile.

    How do I add money/Withdraw? One nice thing about Global is if you're depositing $20 or more there is no deposit fee, and the more you add the more they will give you as a bonus up to $100 free for a $2000 deposit. Before you add money you will need to verify your identity so they can tell you're in the USA, as it is a USA only site. You can deposit via Credit or Debit card. Withdrawing is simple, they will wire the money to your bank.

    Bovada/Ignition (USA+ worldwide):
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    How safe is it? Offshore sites like Bovada/ignition operate in the USA by having there servers in places the USA does not have jurisdiction to shut down. Remember, playing on an online poker site is not against the law, only operating one in the USA. So technically they operate here against US laws, but this has been going on for a long time (10+ years) with no repercussions as the USA simply can't do anything about it. However, they are unregulated, which means they report only to themselves, which is somewhat risky, as you as the consumer do not have protection. That being said, I and many friends play on the site regularly and have had no problems, but there is still an element of risk. Owned by Morris Mohawk Gaming Group, which is based on the Kahnawake reservation in Quebec, Canada. On the upside Bovada is a part of the Pai Wang Luo Poker Network, Ignition did as well, which means Ignition players pool with Bovada players to create a larger player pool with more games and tournaments (this is what sites with different skins do). The names involved here have been synonymous with reliability and safety, as players have never been defrauded, cheated, or scammed from any sites on this network.

    Is the software good? The Bovada/Ignition software is just fine; it won't earn any style points for looking incredible, but it is clean and easy to use. There are some small bugs when you want to top up and add $ to a table, but the major things are good and functional. Similar to global the bet slider is not amazing, but if you are fine typing in what you want to bet, it's not a big deal. They also have zone poker, which is the same thing as zoom, or fast fold, where you fold and get a new hand right away.

    Are the games good? This is an anonymous site, so no screennames unlike Global. This has its benefits and drawbacks, and just depends on what you personally prefer. That being said, the games are quite good, and you get players from all over, although you don't know where they're from. I would say the cash games are slightly harder than Global Poker, but the tournaments are just as soft if not softer.

    How do I add money/Withdraw? The easiest (and best) way to deposit and withdraw is through Bitcoin (BTC). There is no fee, and a decent deposit bonus for first timers. You can also use other methods, but there is a fee to use them, and your debit card might decline to deposit unless you call your bank. Credit cards generally work fine, but paying a fee is annoying. You can also withdraw by having them mail you a check, which I used to do before BTC, and it worked fine. No bank transfers here sadly.

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    Americas Cardroom (skins include Blackchip Poker, True Poker- USA+ worldwide):

    How safe is it? A very polarizing site when it comes to feelings, ACR operates on similar lines to Bovada/Ignition. It does have prominent users such as Phil Hellmuth, Ben Affleck, etc. but at the end of the day it is still unregulated in the USA. I don't play here frequently, but I have before and have friends who do, and some like it a lot and others are very against it, saying they haven't done a good enough job in removing bots, and fixing glitches.

    Is the software good? I personally don't like the look of the ACR tables, but the functionality is fine, everything works as it's supposed to. They recently added Blitz poker, which is like zone/zoom/fast fold. Average software, functionality is fine.

    Are the games good? As far as the cash games go I think they are some of the tougher games, especially compared to Global or Bovada. However, if you're a good player you can still do quite well, especially with the rakeback the site has (the first on our list with rakeback). The tournaments are huge with big prizepools, but also very slow structures and long late registration, but if you're willing to play a long time you can win a lot of money (although they have tougher tournaments than both Global and Bovada).

    How do I add money/Withdraw? Similarly to Bovada/Ignition it's essentially the same, although I think the fee might be slightly less. No fee for crypto. One unique aspect of the site is you can p2p transfer funds to others, so if you have a friend or know someone online with $1000 you could have them transfer it to you and sent them $1000 via paypal, cashapp, etc. A lot of players use this to get money on or off ACR.

    BetOnline (USA+ worldwide):

    Referral link:

    How safe is it? Operates unregulated in the USA as well, just like Bovada, and ACR. Same risks.

    Is the software good? The software is clean and decent, functionality is fine. Nothing special but not bad.

    Are the games good? Games are above average, it is more of a sportsbetting site than poker so more casual players, but also not as many games or as big of prize pools for tournaments.

    How do I add money/Withdraw? One nice thing is you can deposit in basically any way on this site, including wire transfer. Same thing with withdrawing.

    PokerBros (app, USA+):
    PPPoker (app, USA+):
    Pokerrrr2 (app, USA+):
    I've just grouped these together as they're all apps;

    How safe is it? My go to answer is not safe, but the most most accurate answer is it varies. Really it comes down to who is running the poker club. If you know them and trust them then you should put money on and play there. One major thing to watch out for is if they allow players to play on credit, and avoid those mostly, because if many losers are playing on credit they might never pay and this could cause something of a ponzi scheme. If you know the person running the club and they are trustworthy though then it can be fine to play on apps.

    Is the software good? Although the software is different for all of them, it is almost universally not great. Still playable but they are apps so less convenient to use than client based sites. Much easier if you have an ipad or tablet to use, but you can also use Bluestacks to run an emulator of them on your computer, just not that great.

    Are the games good? Here we get to the major draw of these apps, which is that the games are incredible! Absolutely the softest games of all the options listed so far, people are playing terribly on these apps and if you are even moderately decent you will win, if you're a good player you will crush.

    How do I add money/Withdraw? To add money you need to use an agent of the club, or if you know the owner that works too, where you send them money and they fund your account with chips equivalent to how much you send them. Big trust involved here, which is why if you don't know who is running things you should use one of the biggest clubs in the hopes that is more legit, but as said before the risk is fairly large here. You can send them money through paypal, cashapp, venmo, Zelle, BTC, apple pay, etc. That is also how you can withdraw, you message an agent and they cash you out.