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  • My favorite shows

    Below is the list of my favorite TV series' ranked. In order to make the list I had to have seen every episode. I am sure I missed some. Lemme know anything you think I should watch. I will post a separate list for comedies.
    Rank General
    1 The Wire
    2 Band of Brothers
    3 Sopranos
    4 Deadwood
    5 Luther
    6 Game of Thrones
    7 Fargo
    8 Justified
    9 Breaking Bad
    10 Better Call Saul
    11 Boardwalk Empire
    12 Chernobyl
    13 Orphan Black
    14 In the Flesh
    15 Broadchurch
    16 Oz
    17 Animal Kingdom
    18 Ray Donovan
    19 Treme
    20 The Americans
    21 Carnivale
    22 Spotless
    23 Ripper St
    24 Walking Dead
    25 Leftovers
    26 Homeland
    27 Twin Peaks
    28 Show Me a Hero
    29 Big Love
    30 Rome
    31 True Detective
    32 Ozark
    33 24
    34 Lost
    35 Generation Kill
    36 The Affair
    37 The Last Ship
    38 Copper
    39 WestWorld
    40 Escape at Dannemora
    41 The Killing
    42 Caprica
    43 Mad Dogs

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    Rank Comedy
    1 Seinfeld
    2 Arrested Development
    3 Veep
    4 Curb Your Enthusiasm
    5 The Office (US)
    6 It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia
    7 Summer Heights High
    8 Documentary Now!
    9 The Increasingly Poor Decisions of Todd Margaret
    10 Parks and Rec
    11 Sillicon Valley
    12 Louie
    13 The State
    14 Reno 911!
    15 Review
    16 Brockmire
    17 Broad City
    18 Eastbound and Down
    19 Tosh
    20 Barry
    21 Flight of the Concords
    22 The Good Place
    23 Chappelle
    24 Archer
    25 Man Seeking Woman
    26 Bored to Death
    27 Kroll Show
    28 Key and Peele
    29 Baskets
    30 Workaholics
    31 Angry Boys
    32 Portlandia
    33 Big Mouth
    34 We Can Be Heroes
    35 The Last Man on Earth


    • #3
      My favorites:

      The Mentalist
      White Collar
      Burn Notice


      • yisman
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      • villy17
        villy17 commented
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        First few seasons of Suits is up there in my favourites. The last couple have gone pretty downhill imo

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      Ohhh I like Burn Notice, I have only seen a few episodes though.


      • yisman
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        overall, I thought it was pretty good. My only real complaint was that I had no idea really what was going on in the final 2 or 3 episodes. I felt they didn't make much sense.

      • yisman
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        I watched it like 4 years ago or something like that.

    • #5
      I have Ozark a lot higher on my list. I think its been excellent so far.


      • yisman
        yisman commented
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        I agree about Suits. Once Mike went to jail, it really went downhill.

        But the early seasons were great.

        They just wrapped up the final season. Mike Ross appeared in a few episodes.

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      I wanna start with how in the world did you get time to watch all of these shows? I am doing something wrong.

      I've only seen # 9 & 10 on your top 10 list.

      Where is married with children on your comedies?

      Eastbound & down has to go up the chart this can't be right.